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TAD Screw Placement Simplified with A BlueSkyPlan Surgical Guide!


TAD Screw Placement Simplified with A BlueSkyPlan Surgical Guide!

Dr. Nicolas A. Arboleda

Thank you to Dr. Nicolas Arboleda for submitting the case.

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Watch TAD Screw Placement with BlueSkyPlan Guide


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Bogota, Colombia | October 21-22,2023 | Dr. Nicolas A. Arboleda Register Now



Pereira, Colombia | November 11-12,2023 | Dr. Nicolas A. Arboleda



Cartagena, Colombia | November 17-18,2023 | Dr. Nicolas A. Arboleda


Dr. Arboleda, A. Nicolas

Dr. Arboleda, A. Nicolas

Professor Nicolas Arboleda is a dentist from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana and orthodontist from the Universidad El Bosque, he has a master's degree in oral and maxillofacial radiology from the Universidad Cientifica del Sur. He is currently a postgraduate professor of orthodontics at the Universidad El Bosque in the aligner’s clinic. He also gives private courses on the use of CBCT as a diagnosis in orthodontics and In-House aligners.

· Master in oral and maxilofacial radiology - Universidad Científica del Sur (Lima, Perú).

· Orthodontis - Universidad El Bosque (Bogotá, Colombia).

· Dentist - Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (Bogotá, Colombia).

· Professor - Universidad El Bosque (Bogotá, Colombia).

· External researcher - Universidad UniCIEO.

· Speaker: - International certification of skeletal anchors - UniCIEO. (Bogotá -Colombia)

- 1st congress of 3D radiology and dentist digital Flow. (Bogotá -Colombia)

· Course creator and speaker: - 3D diagnosis in orthodontics.

- Losing the fear of In-House aligners.

· Professor and coordinator of the orthodontics postgraduate course– Universidad Antonio Nariño–Campus Armenia (2019-2021).

· Training in “Cone Beam Computed Tomography and its clinical applications”

· Training in “Interpretation and radiographic reports ” – ILAE (Lima, Perú).

· Training in “Odontología Basada en la Evidencia”. Universidad Científica de Sur, Perú.

· Training in TADs Dentos y Mis Esparza.

· Training in Aligners "Art With Aligners" y "Flujo digital en Ortodoncia"

· CEO Enjoy Aligners y DentÜ. Clinic.


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