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What is an Educational Webinar Presentation?

An educational webinar presentation is a web based educational presentation that will be broadcasted live (remotely) to a  viewers who can hear you and see your screen. The focus and goal of the presentation should be to provide dental education related to Blue Sky Bio products and / or the Blue Sky Plan software. 

How long is a webinar presentation?

An average presentation should be around an hour. Some time should be allotted to handle questions during or at the end of the presentation. 

How many dentists usually attend a webinar?

Usually between 30-100 viewers usually attend the webinar live, but hundreds or thousands view the recorded webinar presentation within a short amount of time. There is no cost to watch the webinar, and 1 CE credit is issued to attendees. 


Should I prepare a PowerPoint presentation?

Viewers will be able to see your screen. Anything visible on screen will be seen by the viewers including a presentation, a video, Blue Sky Plan software or a website. 

Video playback quality is usually pretty decent, but users will NOT be able to hear any audio coming out of the video presentation. They will hear you talking while the video is running if you would like to explain what the video is showing.

Any combination of the above mentioned medias can be used during the presentation. 

If software will be used to present cases live, (in real time) practice the exact case several times to make sure the results are predictable. Do not upgrade any software prior to the presentation or do anything that may make the results unpredictable. 


When are presentation usually given?

Webinar presentations are given at around 7PM Eastern time on Wednesdays. This is after the working day on the East Coast in the United States and towards the end of the working day in the rest of the country. 

Webinars outside of the United States will be scheduled at time appropriate for the relevant time zone. 


How are the presentations delivered?

Live YouTube events is used to broadcast the event. It is a free tool that allows a user to broadcast to an unlimited amount of viewers. Viewers can watch the event from any device as if they were watching any YouTube video. 


What technology do I need to present webinar?

In order to broadcast an event make sure that you have a fast speed internet connection, and a working microphone attached to your computer. 

Will my webinar be available for viewing after the presentation?

Yes, webinar presentations are automatically recorded by YouTube and will be available to be watched by the public in the future. The recorded web presentations will be available via the Blue Sky Bio YouTube channel and via the BlueskyPlan website

What information should I send Blue Sky Bio?

In order to schedule the webinar presentation please email (to the following things

1) Date and time of webinar presentation (coordinate with BlueSkyBio)

2) A webinar title

3) 1-2 paragraph description of what will be presented and taught at the webinar. The description should start with the words "The object of this webinar presentation is....."

4) Your photo

5) Your one paragraph bio

6) Two PACE regulatory forms completed and signed (Download Form1, Form2)

Is there anything I should NOT say during a webinar presentation?

Due to an existing agreement regarding a patent held by another company Blue Sky Bio can not encourage the use of using an intra-oral scanner in order to create models for Guided Surgery. Please do not say that Blue Sky Bio recommends using an intra-oral scanner to generate models for guided surgery. Desktop scanning, and other various ways of acquiring generating STL files are all fine including CT scans, impression inversion etc. 


How do I join the webinar presentation?

A join link will be emailed to you to join the webinar presentation. Please click on the link to join the presentation 45 minutes before the scheduled start time. Usually the join process takes just a few minutes and then you can get a cup of coffee. We request an early login to confirm systems are working and to prevent any last second issues.


Can viewers submit questions during the presentation?

Yes. Users can type in questions during the webinar presentation. If you, the presenter, are sharing your screen, then you will not see the questions that come in. Usually, a representative from Blue Sky Bio will read the questions at the relevant time, so that the viewers and the presenter can hear the question, and the presenter can answer the questions directly during the presentation. 

If the webinar is not being given in English it is recommended to have a second screen or second computer set up to be able to see the questions being submitted. 


Is there an introduction given at the beginning of the webinar?

Yes, a representative from Blue Sky Bio will give a 2-3 minute introduction welcoming everyone who joins, discussing the issuing of the CE credits and introducing the presenter. The presenter will then take over, and continue the presentation, after the introduction. 

If the webinar is not being given in the English language then the introduction should be given by the presenter.  


Can I join a test webinar presentation to make sure everything is working properly?

Yes, at any time you can  Click Here  to enter a test hangout area. If you would like to test the environment with a representative of BlueSkyBio please contact us to schedule. 


Can I see some past recorded webinars? 

Yes. A list of links to recorded webinars can be seen at







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