Feature Focused Tutorials

Surgical Guide Module


Processing – Loading Dicom3 Images


Screen Views


Using the 3D View


Importing a Model


Buccal Bite Registration


Importing a Scan Appliance


Screenshare Functionality


Automatic Panoramic Curve

Automatic Nerve Detection
Fully Automatic STL to CT Alignment
Aligning an STL Model
Purchaser STL Export Functionality

Surgical Guide Drillstops

Hiding Confidential Patient information
Loading a Patient Photo into the 3D View

Treatment Plan Transfer Using a HIPAA Compliant System

Exact Keyboard Arrow Control of Objects

Treatment Planning with Virtual Teeth

Hollow Model
Parts Panel

Creating Analog Holes in Model

Cephalometric Analysis
Fabricating Implant Placement Guide

Calibration for CT Scanned Model. No Optical Scan


Advanced Jaw Segmentation


Adding Fixation Pins


Treatment Planning with 'Out of Library' Implants and Surgical Kits