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Receive an Explainer Video With Your Treatment Plan


Receive an Explainer Video With

Your Treatment Plan

Review and Approve the Treatment Plan from Anywhere with Any Device


LabPronto now offers the option to receive a Clinical Explanatory Video to be included with your digital treatment plan at a  new low cost. 

The Clinical Explanatory Video:

  1. Provides a complete explanation as to the clinical planning considerations that went into planning the case

  2. Allows the review and approval of the treatment plan from anywhere on any device without opening any planning software. 

How Do I Order? When ordering a digital plan, such as an Implant Treatment Plan, Orthodontic Tooth Setup, Denture Design etc, select the option to receive a screen record - voice over clinical video explaining the clinical considerations resulting in your digital plan.  

Add a Clinical Review Video to Any of the Below Services:

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