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Predictable, Root Based Aligner Planning with AI Automation. Starting at $12 Per Case Export


BlueSkyPlan Aligner Pricing

1 Aligner Case is 1 Export Credit (starting at $12 / case)

Includes ALL Relevant Model and Aligner Exports

Quantity Discounts Available


1 Export per Case Regardless of the Number of Models and Aligners. Export as many models and aligners relevant for the case.

Advanced AI Functionality Included

  • Using Automatically Segmented Teeth from CT Scan in Aligner Digital Tooth Setup Watch Video

  • Automatic Teeth Segmentation

  • Automatic Model Clean Up

  • Automatic Snap Teeth To Curve

  • Design and Export of Digital Aligners for Direct Digital Aligner Printing (FDA Approved) Watch Video

  • Export Aligner Trim Curve For Automatic Aligner Trimming Watch Video

BlueSkyPlan Aligner Pricing Explained

How Much Is An Aligner Case?

The price of an Aligner Case is 1 Export Credit, between $12 to $23 per case depending on the number of credits purchased at a time. The cost includes the generation and export of all Models and Aligners relevant for the case. Below is a chart of export packages and the cost per package.

BlueSkyPlan Aligner Pricing

Blue Sky Bio gifts 2 aligner cases to every new Blue Sky Plan user and 6 additional free aligner cases to dental students. The two free exports are automatically included in the software the first time a new user installs the software.


Are you a high volume Aligner lab or DSO?

Contact Us for high volume pricing!


How can I buy exports?

BlueSkyPlan Aligner Pricing

Exports should be bought by opening the Blue Sky Plan software, going to File > Purchase STL Exports

The software will open a dialog box to accept payment via paypal or credit card directly in the software. The purchase can be made and the software will immediately and automatically be updated with the new export credits.

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