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New Videos! Duplicate a Denture Directly in BlueSkyPlan!


Copy a Denture With Existing BlueSkyPlan Functionality (0.5 Exports)

Bichromatic Dentures. Print A Single File or Separated Files.


Duplicating a denture in BlueSkyPlan is a now a simple process. Every denture can be scanned, and stored in When needed, follow a simple process in the BlueSkyPlan software to facilitate the printing of the denture.

Whether you will be printing the denture as two separate files and then combining the files with an adhesive, or you will be printing the denture in a bichormatic printer as one file, there is a relevant and simple processes flow.

Copy Denture.

Create A Teeth File And Base File For Printing

Copy Denture For A 2 Color Printer



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