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UPDATED VIDEO. IMPROVED FUNCTIONALITY! :New Surgical Guide Path of Insertion Functionality Explained



15.3. Removing undercuts

The “Surgical Guide Insertion Path” function is used to define the direction from which the surgical guide will be inserted. Using this function, you can visualise the areas that run “under” the surgical guide (undercuts) and may cause problems when inserting the surgical guide on teeth, especially in the case of using stiff materials for fabrication. These areas can be removed automatically when generating the Undercut Model. The surgical guide fabricated on this model will be easy to mount.

The differences between individual outputs can be compared in the following pair of images. On the left is a guide on the model with undercuts removed; on the right, all details are preserved.

The default Insertion Path Direction angle and default Maximum Allowed Undercut are defined in Preferences, Surgical Guide tab.

In addition, the Define Insertion Direction From View functionality is available from the Guide Panel. Creating an Undercut Model generates a new model that can be worked with independently.



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