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Fast, Easy And Accurate Denture Treatment ! 1 Minute Video; How to Set Teeth Digitally


New Video (1 min): Setting Denture Teeth In 5 Easy Steps

Dr  Russell Schafer

You CAN have it all! Dr. Russel Schafer shows you how to set denture teeth digitally in 5 steps in a ONE MINUTE VIDEO.

Thank you Dr. Schafer!

"I think setting teeth kinda freaks some dentists out. Just start setting teeth and printing dentures and see what happens. The beauty of 3d printing is that we can do try ins quickly. If you are wrong, no big deal."

- Dr. Russell Schafer

Watch How To Set Teeth In Blue Sky Plan In The Denture Module

Download demo files from above video: File 1 | File 2

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Dr. Schafer, Russell


Dr. Russell Schafer is a general dentist who practices in New Orleans, LA and focuses on removable prosthodontics. He is the owner and dentist at NOLA Dentures and General Dentistry and has fix quite a few mouths using removable dentures. He has a love of the subject and enjoys teaching fellow dentists about dentures. Dr. Schafer also enjoys doing digital design and printing and is fluent with blue sky bio, meshmixer, and many other CAD programs. Also Dr. Schafer currently owns four 3D printers: Moonray S, NextDent 5100, Arfona R.Pod, and a Prusa i3.

Dr. Schafer is a native New Orleanian and is an engineer turned dentist. He got his Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from Rice University in 2007 and his Masters of Mechanical Engineering from Rice in 2008. He worked in the petroleum industry before going onto dental school. He is a graduate of LSU Dental School 2013. He and his wife, Alison, a house with a Doberman named Lucas and a cat named Charming.


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