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Dr. Schafer Demonstrates Streamlined Crown for Titanium Base Abutment Process Flow in BlueSkyPlan


Crown for Titanium Base Abutment Workflow in BlueSkyPlan


Russell Schafer

So a colleague of mine needed some help with some temp implant crowns on the lower right. He didn't place nor plan the implants but of course the surgeons just put them where the bone was. He's planning on doing custom abutments but we need to shape the tissue first.

What we are doing here is creating some ti bases. We use Blue Sky to just make some printed crowns that will be cemented to ti bases.

From here we will be able to add composite to reshape them as needed to get a better emergence profile. Printed crowns are wonderful because they play very nicely with composite. After he gets the proper emergence profile, he can rescan with the scan bodies, make some custom abutments and be good to go.

Watch video workflow bellow by Dr. Schafer and

learn how Ti base crowns can help you provide better implant care.

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Dentures: Fit, Bite, and Smile

Dentures: Fit, Bite, and Smile

Midlothian, VA | May 26-27, 2023 | View Dr Schafer's Portal


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