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CT Root Based Aligner Planning Now Available! Predictable, Faster, Improved Results


Safer Digital Aligner Planning Now Available

Faster Treatment and Reduced Midcourse Aligner Refinement Cases with AI Driven Automatic CT Tooth Segmentation

CT Root Based Aligner Planning
CT Root Based Aligner Planning

Aligner Digital Design Cost: $49 per Case (+$10 for Optional CT Root Based Planning for Improved Results.)

This service is for dentists who would like to order an ortho treatment plan and will print the models and create the aligners in their office. This service includes loading the patient’s models, segmenting teeth and preparing final tooth positions for a single jaw. Models will be labeled with patient’s name and model number. A platform base will be added for vertical printing. This service includes the option of the digital aligner tooth setup to be prepared based on uploaded CT scan, for more accurate, precise digital planning. This can result in faster treatment times, reduced patient discomfort, reduced midcourse refinements and improved treatment outcomes.

CT Root Based Aligner Planning


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