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New Video: Creating a Crown Design (Free) & Fabrication with the BlueSkyPlan

Watch Dr. Cory Glenn’s tutorial on how to design a crown utilizing the Crown and Bridge Module of our latest BlueSkyPlan software.

This new module is completely FREE and does not require purchased exports. Download the software and practice along this video tutorial.

Download the practice files here, also found on the YouTube video description for your reference. Die model files are also included, which are print ready, and learn how to adjust and find the best offset settings for your 3D printer.

Exports Can Be Milled or Printed

Please note that the crown printed in this video is Bego Varseocrown in B1 on the Sprintray Pro 55. However, if you have a mill, BlueSkyPlan now supports the export of construction files for your CAM. These settings can be found and checked on in the export window.


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