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Complete Aligner Solution: Ahead by 3 Years, Available For Your Patients Today!

blue sky aligner solution

Three Years Ahead of the Competition: Unprecedented End to End Aligner Solutions Unveiled!


BlueSky Aligners is An AI Driven Complete End to End Solution: Including Smile Design, Clinically Driven Digital Tooth Set Up, Bone Protection, Gingival Recession Prevention, Aligner Manufacturing, Mentoring, and Remote Monitoring. We have it now... Anyone else?

Blue Sky Bio Has It Now.

blueskyplan software

2D Smile Design | Aligner Simulation | Advanced Orthodontics | Digital Tooth Setup | Online Viewer | Aligners | Monitoring | Movement Analyzer | Clinical Mentoring | Direct Aligners

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2D Smile Design Simulation

Use AI powered technology to show your patients an on the spot image of how they can look post aligner treatment.

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3D Virtual Aligner Simulation With Patient's Face

3D Virtual Aligner Simulation With Patient's Face

Create a virtual simulation of aligner step by step teeth movements with the patient's actual teeth and actual face. Quick, Easy and Free.

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AI Driven, Advanced Orthodontic Software

AI Driven, Advanced Orthodontic Software

Export Aligner Trim Curve For Automatic Aligner Trimming Watch Video Using Automatically Segmented Teeth from CT Scan in Aligner Digital Tooth Setup Watch Video Design and Export of Digital Aligners for Direct Digital Aligner Printing Watch Video Indirect Bonding Tray Design and Export Watch Video

Digital Tooth Setup

Digital Tooth Setup

A Digital Tooth Setup will be prepared for your review.

The Digital Tooth Setup will include a step by step report.

$49 per Case

(+$10 for Optional CT Root Based Planning)


Blue Sky Viewer


The Digital Tooth Setup can be reviewed, discussed and shared via an Online Viewer, the BlueSkyPlan software or video.

Open a Sample Case in Online Viewer

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Precision fit aligners will be manufactured as per the reviewed and approved Digital Tooth Setup to enable the patient to successfully complete the treatment.

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complete aligner package

Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring

Movement Analyzer

Movement Analyzer

Digitally compare a mid-treatment intraoral scan to the relevant digital plan model from the original treatment plan to visualize the difference between the original plan and the current tooth positioning.

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Clinical Mentoring

Clinical Mentoring

A BlueSky Aligner Clinical Mentor will oversee your aligner cases so you can deliver the highest standard of care to your patient, while you become an aligner expert.

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Direct Printing Aligners

Direct Printing Aligners

BlueSkyPlan has FDA approval for the design and direct printing of aligners.

Learn How to Design Aligners in BlueSkyPlan for Direct Printing.

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