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BSB Crestal Sinus Lift Handles Sloped Sinus Floor Easily and Predictably

Thank you to Dr Bill Schaeffer

for Submitting the Crestal Sinus Lift Case Study.

Do You Have an Interesting Educational BlueSkyBio Case?

So this is an elderly lady who needs one additional molar to chew with on her upper right.

Not much bone. Lots of options - could do a lateral sinus graft and there would be nothing wrong with that.

This would be quite a challenging crestal lift as the sinus floor is so sloped.

But I like using the BSB Crestal Lift Kitfor these - it makes them so easy and predictable.

Here I have breached the bony sinus floor and packed some synthetic graft material under the sinus lining.

I've taken the PA to check that the sinus lining seems to be intact.

Implant placed into the site - can't place it too sub-crestal as the bony sinus floor was breached using the 3mm sleeve!

Another view of the surgery

And the Final Panoramic - look at the lovely dome of graft over that implant.


Guided and Non-Guided Sinus Lift Kit One kit does both

Increase confidence in sinus lifts via the BSB guided crestal sinus lift kit.


Watch Video: Sinus Lift Kit For Guided and Non-Guided Surgery



Dr Bill Schaeffer

Implant Surgeon & The Implant Centre Co-founder

Bill is exceptionally qualified for his role as one of the implant surgeons at The Implant Centre. Having trained in the UK, Bill is both a dentist and a medical doctor. He is also a qualified surgeon and a registered Specialist Oral Surgeon. As if this was not enough, he also has both a Fellowship and Membership from the Royal College of Surgeons of England. His extensive background in Oral Surgery provided him with the perfect starting point for learning the finer points of implant surgery when he placed his first implant back in 1996. Since then, he has gone on to become one of the most experienced implantologists in the UK and has pioneered techniques now used by implantologists throughout the world.



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