Blue Sky Dentures. Lower Price. More Functionality.

Design and Export Dentures at Value Pricing

Starting at $6 Per Denture Export

(Export a Denture for Half an Export Credit)

Design Dentures in BlueSkyPlan

Free Denture Training Video from Dr. Cory Glenn

Two Great Fabrication Options

Recommended Printer:

SprintRay Pro 95 3D Printer 

  • 2x platform size

  • Up to 3x faster

  • Up to 6x more throughput

  • 70% increase in resin capacity

  • Broad applications (aligners, surgical guides, splints, dentures, IBT)

  • 3rd party resin support

  • 6-core on-board CPU

  • 7” touch screen

  • New CAD software features

Recommended Resin:

NextDent Denture Base

Provisional Denture Base Resin, 1 Liter

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