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Accelerate Aligner Results! Reduce Midcourse Refinements With Automated CT Tooth Segmentation


Automatically Segmented CT Teeth Provide Additional Information to Accurately Align Pressure and Rotation Widgets

Digital treatment planning with accurately aligned movement widgets improves clinical results and reduces midcourse refinement cases as the teeth movements in the digital plan accurately matches the biomechanics of actual teeth movement


Benefits of Using CT Data for Aligner Treatment

Automatically segmented CT teeth can provide additional information for safer aligner planning, that can be used to accurately align pressure and rotation widgets in digital treatment planning. By segmenting the teeth, the software can identify the exact position and orientation of each tooth, allowing the clinician to place the pressure and rotation widgets in the optimal position for each tooth.

Accurately aligned widgets in digital treatment planning can improve clinical results by ensuring that the teeth are moved in the desired direction and amount, reducing the need for midcourse refinement cases. This can result in faster treatment times, reduced patient discomfort, and improved treatment outcomes.

Clear Aligner Workflow - Dr. Baron Grutter

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