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Life Changing Case! Video by Dr.Cory Glenn

Life Changing Case

by Dr. Cory Glenn


Here's video of a life changing case we (me, Danny Domingue and Ben Kellum) did at the Foundry. Big thanks to BlueSkyBio for covering the costs for this very deserving patient. Ben Kellum is the Foundry program director and he was the surgeon on this one. The maxilla was incredibly resorbed. It would be near impossible to properly place these short implants in the right position non-guided.

The guide was bone supported and the kit was the BlueSkyBio Fully Guided Keyless Kit to place BIO | Max Implants. In the posterior sites, there was only a 1mm thick eggshell ridge. The BlueSkyBio Hammerless Crestal Sinus Lift Kit was used to elevate the membrane and achieve 11 mm of sinus lift! It should also be noted, Ben had never done this on an eggshell sinus like this so this was his first time. 4 more implants will be placed in the posterior once the graft heals.

We had to use the non-guided version of the crestal lift kit on this case as there was so little bone. The guided crestal kit needs 2.5 mm of bone minimum. I've added crestal sinus lifts to the curriculum for my Comprehensive Guided Surgery Course for those interested.

Next one is Jan 24-25 Links at on upcoming courses


Comprehensive Guided Surgery Course Winchester, TN | Jan 24-25, 2020 | Dr. Cory Glenn More Info


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Sinus Lift Kit

Hammerless Atraumatic Crestal Sinus Lift Kit


The Hammerless Atraumatic Crestal Sinus Kit allows doctors to perform crestal sinus lifts without the use of a hammer and osteotome. Special safe sided drills are advanced one millimeter at a time through the use of drill stops until the sinus membrane is loosened and ready for lifting. The atraumatic nature of the procedure is continued as a revolutionary bone condenser using the same safety stop condenses bone under the membrane to complete the sinus lift. The safety stop prevents the bone condenser from advancing too far into the sinus and perforating the membrane.

Complete Sinus Lift Kit includes: Sinus Probe, Bone Carrier, Bone Condenser, 2mm Sinus Drill, Sinus Reamers (2.4mm, 2.8mm, 3.2mm, 3.6mm), Stoppers (2mm – 11mm), Stopper Stands, and instrument box.

Individual kit items can only be purchased after purchasing the complete kit. To purchase individual items please call us at 888-446-6724 or email


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