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NEW Orthodontic Functionality in BlueSkyPlan! Download PreRelease Now!

Major Orthodontic Improvements!

New Blue Sky Plan Release!


I've been chomping at the bit to share this with everyone. So many awesome updates to this software that it's impossible to squeeze into one video. I did my best to highlight the big changes, but there are even more that will have to come in other videos.


  • AUTOMATED Margin Segmentation

  • SINGLE Occlusal Segmentation Line

  • MERGEABLE Sigmentation Lines

  • AUTOMATED Model Trimming

  • IPR DISTRIBUTION across the Arch

  • IPR LIMITS can differ between Anterior and Posterior

  • TOOTH MIDLINE EDITABLE for improved alignment

  • TOOTH MOVEMENT COLLISION avoidance improved


Load cases with immediate automatic segmentation and immediate automatic trimming! Y'all, this is so awesome and you're going to LOVE setting up your cases with this. SOOOO easy, now! I mean, no more 5-10min trimming your models. No more 5-10min marking the margins. Let the software WORK FOR YOU!!!

I'm kind of excited.

The NEW BlueSkyPlan Prerelease is available to download (PC and Mac versions) via the BlueSkyBio user group. Click below to visit the user group and download.


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