Everything You Need to Make a Denture

Everything you need to make a denture in house.


Denture Module Courses:

Recommended Printer:

MoonRay 3D Printer

Recommended Print Resolution:

100 micron

Recommended Resin:

NextDent Denture Base

Provisional Denture Base Resin, 1 Lite

Denture Teeth:

NobilDent Denture Teeth

2-Layer Anterior and Posterior

Vita® Classic shades

Recommended desktop scanner:

Shinning 3D Scanner

Camera resolution: 1,300,000

Accuracy: <15μm

Scanning Range: 100mm*100mm*75mm

Gingiva Shades:​

Anaxgum Gingiva Shades

The most natural, life-like pink composite on the market.

Recommended Bur for Reduction Coping:

Teeth can be secured into the reduction coping using sticky tack / silly putty to keep the teeth secured into the socket.​ Teeth that protrude through the reduction coping can be reduced using a bur (the HedgeHog Bur from Parkell is recommend)

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