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Less Than Two Weeks of Free Ortho Exports Remaining

Less Than Two Weeks of Free Ortho Exports Remaining

Starting from October 1st, Prices of Ortho Exports Will Rise to HALF an Export Per Jaw. Starting at $6 Per Jaw.


How much do ortho exports cost? Ortho exports start at $6 per jaw planned. A complete chart of export pricing can be seen here. Each time a jaw is exported from the ortho module, half an export credit will be used. How do I buy ortho exports? Ortho exports can be purchased by going to File>Purchase STL Exports. Payment can be made via credit card through a secure payment gateway. Your software will be updated with the new export credits immediately and automatically. Is the price affected by the number of steps / models / or aligners in a case? No. The price is determined by the case, irrelevant to the number of models or aligners required for the case. If one arch is being treated, it is a one jaw case. If both arches are being treated it is a two jaw case. Where can I have models printed if I do not have my own 3D printer? Once the case is planned simply click on the large "LabPronto" button on the top left of your Blue Sky Plan software and choose the service 'Order Ortho Aligners or Models'. You can order models or aligners with a click. Is there an ortho planning service that I can use to have the teeth segmented or the ortho case planned? Yes! Click the on the large "LabPronto" button on the top left of the Blue Sky Plan software software and click 'Order an Ortho Treatment Plan'. You will be able to order an Ortho Plan with a click!


Watch Dr Baron Grutter's Clinical Overview of Ortho Blue Sky Plan


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