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Digital Dentures Entirely in House

Blue Sky Bio is happy to release a beta version of the Blue Sky Plan Denture Module!

Blue Sky Bio has recently released a beta version of its denture module.

The denture module is a complete denture workflow for designing and creating dentures. The Denture Module can be used to create a full printable denture, as well as a printed base for physical denture teeth insertion, as well as reduction coping base.

Exports from the denture module are FREE during the software Beta Release. The Beta build can be downloaded here.

In the below webinar presentation Dr.Cory Glenn explains and demonstrated have demonstrate how to use 3d printing and the new Blue Sky Plan denture module to change the entire paradigm.

You will learn the clinical steps to be able to deliver next day, 3d printed digital dentures in as little as 2 appointments for under $30 per arch.

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