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"The Most Powerful Software That Exists in CT Planning Today"

We recently had the privilege of hearing a fantastic educational webinar from Dr Michael Scherer on the topic of 'Avoiding Rookie Problems During Guided Surgery and Implant Placement'. For those of you who may have missed the presentation, it can be watched by clicking on the video below. The webinar presentation was attended by a record number of attendees.

During the presentation Dr. Michael Scherer ( discussed some of the pitfalls that may lead to rookie problems during implant placement and guided surgery, and of course how to address and avoid these issues.

In addition during the presentation Dr Scherer outlined some of the advantages of the Blue Sky Plan software and why he feels that

"Blue Sky Plan is THE most powerful software that exists in Conebeam CT planning today".

A huge thank you to Dr Michael Scherer on sharing his knowledge and taking the time to educate others.

This educational webinar presentation is part of the Blue Sky Bio 2017 Webinar Series. A full list of recorded webinars can be seen on the Recorded Webinar webpage and a list of upcoming webinars can be seen on the Upcoming Educational Webinar webpage. Educational webinars are free to attend and 1 CE credit is issued to attendees that watch the live presentation.

Dont miss the next webinar presentation by Dr Kottal who will presenting on the topic of 'CBCT Imaging in Guided Surgery'. Additional information and registration at

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