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The Recommended Surgical Guide Protocol

Recently, the 'Impression Inversion with Markers' protocol was added to the Blue Sky Plan Software, and Wizard Process Flow.

Why is this important?

It is important because it creates the most consistent and most accurate Guided Surgical Protocol and it can be done only with a CT scanner. No optical scan necessary.

Adding markers to impression tray ensures an accurate merge even if the patient has restored dentition that may cause scatter during the CT Scan.

This NEW training video demonstrates the entire process from patient CT, adding markers to the impression tray, loading the CT scans, inverting the impression, treatment planning, and fabricating the surgical guide.

The video brakes down the process step by step. Watch it at your convenience on your own schedule. Rewind and fast forward as needed. This is the video that will help you get started with predictable and accurate guided surgery.

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