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Welcome to Blue Sky ORTHO Plan!

Blue Sky Plan for Guided Surgery has a new friend Blue Sky Ortho Plan.

Dr Baron Grutter introduced Blue Sky Ortho Plan to the world this past week, with a public educational webinar followed by a live course a few days later. The webinar was part of Blue Sky Bio's 2017 Educational Series a and recording of the webinar can be seen below at or by clicking below.

The live course was organized by BlueSkyBio.Academy of which Dr Baron Grutter is a key staff member and educator. Course attendees were very interested and pleased to see the current ease of use and power of the current Blue Sky Ortho plan. The low per case fee (currently starting at $5 per case) along with the existing functionality makes the software an ideal solution for Ortho cases.

Blue Sky Ortho Plan currently allows the user to import a model, import the opposing arch, move the teeth to the desired final locations, automatically create the relevant number of models for the relevant stages, emboss text and much more.

Currently Blue Sky Ortho Plan is in its initial stage and is released as an Alpha Version. Additional information about some of the great features and functionality that is being developed for Blue Sky Ortho Plan is described and outlined in the above webinar.

Stay tuned to receive additional information about Blue Sky Ortho Plan, Blue Sky Plan for Guided Surgery and additional great developments from Blue Sky Bio.

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