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Missed Opportunity?!

There is really a TON of stuff going on right now related to Blue Sky Plan. Starting with a Webinar TONIGHT being given by Dr Baron Grutter on the new Ortho functionality (alpha release), getting ready to release a new build with NEW window creation functionality and third part guided surgical kits, new educational initiatives, international lab co operations and many other projects still under wraps.

However, I am putting all of this on pause for a few minutes to write this post so that YOU DON’T MISS OUT AN OPPORTUNITY to take advantage of our current discounted offer on Today is the last day of a 50% discount offer on any paid packages.

You may have heard of or maybe not. But it is a Blue Sky Bio initiative to allow HIPAA compliant file transfer, backup and storage, email and personalized upload pages. We have received GREAT feedback from current users and we continue to improve and add functionality.

While I can write pages about how great the system is and about all the great features the system has, it boils down to this

  1. It is a low priced package that includes many Digital HIPAA solutions that will help your practice and increase work efficiency. Most of the solutions are offered free. Upgrades are available for more functionality and larger storage amounts

  2. The entire package is HIPAA compliant. No need to worry if you are using a system in a HIPAA compliant manner. I can’t tell you how many times someone sends me a file using a system that maybe can be HIPAA compliant but the user is clearly not using it according to HIPAA principles.

  3. You will not find a HIPAA system that includes more capabilities and more features including: file transfer of any size, automatic sync, share with a click, unzipped folder upload, email aliases, personalized upload pages, email functionality and much more.

  4. For all the Blue Sky Plan users… is directly integrated into the Blue Sky Plan software allowing you to send cases or back up cases with a click. Maximize Blue Sky Plan case handling from directly within Blue Sky Plan.

So take a few minutes, choose the package that is correct for you and your practice and save 50% on monthly packages by upgrading today.

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