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Kicking Off New Educational Initiatives

Blue Sky Bio has been working continuously to improve the functionality and capabilities of the Blue Sky Plan Software. At the same time we have been working on simplifying the main functionalities of the software to help users quickly and easily treatment plan and design surgical guides. As such, we have created the WIZARD process flow that takes the user through a step by step process flow for treatment planning and creating a surgical guide for 1-3 implant cases (thats 'old' news).

In addition we are starting to put in place new educational initiatives that will help a user learn Blue Sky Plan very easily and quickly, on their own time, and on their own schedule.

The first step in this process is launching a Step by Step process flow using a patient CT Scan together with an STL / optical scan of a stone model. The process flow can be seen at

Included in the site is also the ability to download the exact case that is used in the step by step training so you can practice in your Blue Sky Plan software using the exact same case as in the screenshots.

In addition a PDF file, containing the step by step process flow is available for download from the same website.

This process flow will help users learn the software and start planning and creating guides for their cases.


1) If the patient has metal restorations in their mouth that may cause significant scatter during the CT scan we recommend CT scanning the patient with a Scan Appliance and attached markers. (Markers can be purchased from This will ensure a perfect merge between the patient CT and the Model Scan even in "high scatter cases".

2) For larger cases a list of certified labs that can help with treatment planning and surgical guide fabrication can be seen at

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