2018 Webinar Series

Denture Fabrication, The Easy Way(1 hr)

Dr. Raymond Rophie  10/23/18

Ortho Aligners, The Easy Way (1 hr)

Michael Saltzman   8/7/18

Guide Fabrication for Edentulous Cases (1 hr)

Michael Saltzman   7/24/18

Creating Custom Surgical Guides, The Easy Way (1 hr)

Michael Saltzman   7/17/18

Surgical Guides, The Easy Way(Model Scan) (1 hr)

Michael Saltzman   6/19/18

Introduction to Guided Surgery (1 hr)

Michael Saltzman   6/5/18

3D Endodontics in BSP (1 hr)

Dr. David W. Kelliny   5/30/18

The Role of Soft Tissues During

CBCT Scanning (1 hr)

Dr. Michael D Scherer  4/25/18

Digital Dentures entirely in house (1 hr)

Dr. Cory Glenn  4/9/18

Advances in BlueSkyPlan and Digital Orthodontics (1 hr)

Dr. Baron Grutter  3/21/18

Update on 3D printing in Implant  Dentistry. (1 hr)

Dr. Rick Ferguson  3/7/18

Avoiding complications in Advanced Full Arch Surgery (1 hr)

Dr. Danny Domingue 2/21/18

2017 Webinar Series

Fabricating Surgical Guides For Any Implant System And Any Guided Surgical Kit (1 hr)

Mr Michael Saltzman (Director of Guided Surgery)

Patients Want Teeth Not Implants (2.5hr)

Dr Cory Glenn 3/15/17

New Features and Functionality in

Blue Sky Plan (1 hr)

Mr Michael Saltzman (Director of Guided Surgery)

Essentials of In-Office 3D Printed Guides

(1 hr)

Dr. Rick Ferguson 2/1/17