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**IMPORTANT Message to Mac OSX Users**

Continues to Innovate

Dear BlueSkyPlan Mac OSX User,

BlueSkyBio has been developing the BlueSkyPlan Dental Planning Software and introducing new updates and invitations regularly for more than a decade! During this time we have been happy to support both Windows and Mac operating systems.

BlueSkyBio has recently faced a difficult decision, as Apple continues to differentiate themselves from the Windows / PC market both in terms of their 3D rendering engines as well as supported hardware. This means that continuing to support Mac operating systems would be much more difficult, expensive and time consuming. A significant part of our development resources would need to be directed away from innovating and focus only on creating future Mac compatible versions of BlueSkyPlan.

As such, BlueSkyBio has made the difficult decision to stop supporting Mac operating systems moving forward, and to instead continue to support Windows Operating systems and invest in Machine Learning and Server Side technologies.

We have an aggressive and exciting development pipeline full of new features, functionalities and modules. While of course, BlueSkyPlan Mac OSX versions released to date will continue to be available via our website we hope that Mac users will continue to use future BlueSkyPlan releases with new features and functionality on their Windows machines.

Our support team is available as needed to help Mac users get up and running with BlueSkyPlan on their Windows machines.

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