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Legal Disclaimer

The licensed clinician has agreed to review the plan, and all related data and products provided by LabPronto. The licensed clinician assumes full responsibility for any plans and products provided by LabPronto and the results of these plans or products in any dental procedures. 


LabPronto, Blue Sky Bio and associated LabPronto labs have no medical or dental license, and are assisting with the technical aspect of generating the requested  plan or physical product based on instructions provided. 


The licensed clinician is responsible for all data provided to LabPronto, Blue Sky Bio or LabPronto associated labs by the licensed clinician and/or licensed clinician’s representative.  

LabPronto and associated LabPronto labs take no responsibility for 3rd party shipping delays caused by weather conditions, holidays or other causes.

It is the sole responsibility of the clinician to save and retain the relevant digital files and physical models as required by HIPAA or any other regulatory agency. Neither the lab completing the work nor LabPronto / Blue Sky Bio will keep these files beyond 1 month.

LabPronto, Blue Sky Bio and associated entities may collect, use, store and analyze data, treatment plans and diagnostic, technical, error reports, crash dumps, usage and other related data to help improve products and services.

LabPronto Refund Policy

An order for a digital plan, or a digital plan with physical part fabrication, will be refunded 50% of the total order amount if the refund was requested prior to the preparation of the digital plan.

An order for a physical part will be refunded 50% of the total amount if the refund was requested prior to the start of the part fabrication. Once manufacturing has been started, refunds will be issued according to the discretion of LabPronto if it is deemed the part was manufactured incorrectly or at sub-industry standards.  

If an order includes both a digital plan and a physical part fabrication (such as a digital implant plan and surgical guide fabrication) the digital plan will be sent to the clinician for approval prior to the physical part fabrication. The LabPronto system will send an approval notification via email, as well as several follow up reminders.  A prompt response is expected so the lab can proceed with the physical part fabrication.

If the clinician does not respond within two weeks, the order will automatically be considered completed. A 50% refund will automatically be applied as the physical part was not fabricated. After this point if the clinician would like to order the physical part, a new LabPronto order will need to be placed. 

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