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Free Surgical Guide With Each Export

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Am I Eligible For Free Surgical Guides (Treatment Planning Included)?
If you own a Fully Guided BlueSkyBio Surgical Kit  and purchase the export credits below, you are eligible for Free Surgical Guides.

The Free Surgical Guide offer is for one implant cases for BIO | Max, BIO | Forte, 


How Do I Order My Free Surgical Guides?

  1. Buy a  guide export packages below.

  2. After the purchase you will receive a coupon code for the relevant number of free surgical guides

  3. Order Your Surgical Guide Here. Enter the coupon code at checkout, and the order will be free! Treatment planning and metal cylinder is included. The digital treatment plan will be sent to you for approval before  the surgical guide is manufactured.


Is It Really Free?
Yes. Buy the exports below, and get a free surgical guide for each export.
Shipping is not included and you can choose your preferred shipping method when order is placed.


What Is The Turn Around Time?
The digital treatment plan will be sent to you within one business days for your approval. After approval the completed surgical guide will be shipped within two business days.

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