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To Add Implants To Blue Sky Plan

Blue Sky Plan can be used to fabricate surgical guides for all implant systems

and all guided surgical kits.

 If you are not yet familiar with Blue Sky Plan, watch this one minute video


HOWEVER, adding your implants, abutments and guided surgical kits to the Blue Sky Plan user will streamline the process flow for your implant users when they are using your implants and guided surgical kits in the Blue Sky Plan software. 


By adding the parts to Blue Sky Plan, your users will be able to plan, design and fabricate surgical guides without having to enter any values relating to your parts and kits, and without having to perform any calculations.


Parts can only be added to the Blue Sky Plan software with direct cooperation and approval of the implant company.

See a list of dental implant companies already integrated into BlueSkyPlan.

In order to add your parts to the Blue Sky Plan software please send:

1) STL files of your implants

    Parts should be oriented exactly according to the below images. 

Implant and abutment blueskyplan software
Implant and abutment blueskyplan software

Sample, correctly oriented STL files (one implant, one abutment) can be downloaded here. 

The following figure illustrates a properly oriented implant (as shown via

dental Implant blueskyplan software

2) A completed excel document with the relevant information. 

    The excel file can be downloaded here.

Instructions can be found in the excel file and in the video below


Column Details to Add Implants

Verify Excel Sheet data 

Once You complete filling the Excel  sheet you can upload your Excel file in order to verify its data using this link:


Company [text]

Implant company ("Blue Sky Bio", "Straumann", "Nobel", ...)

Type [text]

type of part -  "Implant"

Part ID

[unique, text uppercase]

Identification name of implant, should be UPPERCASE and unique

Implant type [text]

manufacturers implant type, type is a group of implants with same properties but different dimensions, type should not include the dimensions.

Secondary implant type [text]

manufacturers secondary implant type

Platform [number/text]

list of manufacturers implant platforms separated by commas

Occlusal Diameter [mm]

diameter of the implant head in mm, occlusal diameter is measured on the occlusal end of implant (see picture below)

Length [mm]

length of implant in mm, length is measured from point 0,0,0 to the implant's apex along the +Z axis (see picture below)

Appical diameter [mm]

diameter of the implant apex in mm, apical diameter is measured on the apical end of implant (see picture below) 

Abutment Angle [deg]

leave empty for implants

Abutment Bend Point distance [mm]

leave empty for implants

Abutment Diameter [mm]

leave empty for implants

Screw Hole Diameter [mm]

leave empty for implants 

Tibase Upper Height [mm]

leave empty for implants

Tibase Diameter [mm]

leave empty for implants 

Analog hole length [mm]

length of analog hole in mm. The length of hole is 0.05 mm longer than the analog part. 

Analog hole diameter [mm]

diameter of analog hole in mm. The length of hole is 0.1 mm larger than the analog part. 

Compatible Abutments [list separated by commas, uppercase]

list of compatible abutments, abutment part IDs should be separated by commas

Implants dimensions description:

Implants dimensions BlueSkyPlan software
Implants dimensions BlueSkyPlan software


add implant excel example
add implant excel example

Important! Please Read Carefully

Confidential Information

  • DO NOT send any confidential information or any information that would require the signing of an NDA. All information that is sent, will be shared in the Blue Sky Plan software with all users. No confidential information is being requested and no confidential information should be sent. 

  • The outer dimensions of the digital implant files and their proper orientation and positioning is what is important. Internal connections can be removed, and the resolution/quality of the overall STL file can be reduced. 

  • Blue Sky Bio is a dental implant company actively working on the development of new parts, including implants, abutments, and a variety of other dental products. As such, all proprietary information should be removed (from the STL files, and implant information files) from the files being sent to BlueSkyBio, and no confidential information should in any way, be shared with Blue Sky Bio. All information sent to Blue Sky Bio, will be shared with the public at large, via the Blue Sky Plan software. 



  • PartIDs must be unique, and there should be one part per row. Do not repeat implants/abutments or their part IDs on multiple lines. 

  • All measurements should be in millimeters but do not enter "mm" after the values.

  • Please double-check all data and values entered as it will affect treatment planning and surgical guide fabrication.


  • Once the implant manufacturer supplies all the relevant information to Blue Sky Bio, Blue Sky Bio will make a strong effort to include the parts in the next parts catalog release. This may take a few weeks or a few months depending on Blue Sky Bio's parts catalog release schedule. 

  • There is no fee to integrate your parts into the BlueSkyPlan software. Once your parts are added to the catalog you are expected to send email notifications, and post to your social channels, notifying your users they can now treatment plan in the BlueSkyPlan software using your parts. 


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