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Rely on Ratings from Thousands of Dentists Being Updated Daily.

Tech giants such as Amazon and Ebay rely on feedback from many many users to provide their customers with top quality products and services.

LabPronto brings user ratings to dental lab services to provide dentists with the highest level dental lab services and products.

When you place an order via Labpronto, Labpronto analyzes user rating to send your order to the relevant expert with available time, and of course at a very reasonable price point.

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Maximize your efficiency with these services:

Orthodontics & Aligners

Surgical Guides

Prosthetic Restorations


Radiology Reports

Printed Models

Training And Education

Wholesale Digital Services




Questions or need help with

1-312-344-3950 (local in USA)


39-334-735-4871 (locale in Italia)


+49 172 411 87 67 (lokal in Deutschland)


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