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New Video! Crown Down Implant Planning

New Video!

Create a Screw Retained Crown in Minutes


Export a Screw Retained Immediate Load Crown from

BlueSkyPlan at No Cost


Step by Step Wizard Process Flow to Treatment Plan And

Create a Surgical Guide



Piezobrush PZ3 Professional Set

(including Nearfield and Standard modules and hard carrying case). Increases hydrophilicity of implant surface and maximizes bonding strength of restorative component.

The Blue Sky Bio PlasmaLoc is a compact plasma handheld device that creates cold active plasma at a temperature of less than 50°C. The main component of this portable plasma device is the TDK piezo plasma generator CeraPlas™ – a high-voltage discharge device for generating cold atmospheric-pressure plasma. Plasma is used to increase the surface energy of metals, ceramics and resins. The process performed at room temperature without contact of the treated surface and takes less than one minute without requiring disposable materials. Treated implant surfaces exhibit a greatly increased wettability. Hydrophilic implant surfaces have shown to promote cell deposition. Restorative resins and ceramics treated with atmospheric plasma allow for uniform staining and optimized bonding strength.



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