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Featured Product at Blue Sky Bio: Rayplicker Quickshade



The Rayplicker QuickShade's calibrating tips eliminate external factors making for an accurate shade match every time! Don't guess at the color and shade of your work, anymore. Rayplicker QuickShade uses spectrophotometry to scan, analyze, and flawlessly match the shade any tooth in a matter of minutes.


  • Multi-shade guide chart: Vita Classical, 3D Ivoclar, etc

  • CIE Lab / Lch analysis

  • Fixed and Removable prosthesis

  • Measuring tool: easily localize translucent areas or other noticeable characteristics

  • Black and white setting allows you to convert the color polarized picture to a grayscale picture

  • Colorimetric analysis according to the CIE Lab or LCH coordinates

  • Simplified interface for fast reading of data

  • Easily calculate pixel-by-pixel colorimetric coordinates

$2,195 Learn More

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