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NEW - Order Radiology Reports in LabPronto

New Service: Order Radiology Reports


Services Available :

  • CBCT Radiology Report ($85)

  • Image Portfolio ($55)

  • Turn around within 3 business days

  • 1 day turn around available for an additional $30.

Service Details:

CBCT Radiology Report

This service includes a complete pathosis review of the CBCT image volume by an Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologist. Your radiologist will provide a written report with clinical findings, diagnostic impressions, and key images to support the findings. For implant study purposes the radiologist will provide measurements for up to two implant sites. Regular cases are within 3 business days. Rush cases are completed by the end of the next business day (+$30).

Image Portfolio

This service includes a workup of all key images of the CBCT scan for the study purpose by our trained team of dental technicians. These portfolio workups provide a great tool for treatment planning and patient communication. Orthodontic portfolios will include TMJ cross sections, pano reconstruction, airway analysis, and cephalometric tracing of your choice. Implant portfolios will trace relevant nerves, true size cross sectional images of key sites, and relative location to sinuses / nose / nerve canals. A rush service can be added to a case for an additional $30 to ensure completion by the end of the next business day.

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