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The One Minute Video that Will Help Your Practice

LabPronto - Your Magic Button For Dental Lab Work


LabPronto is all about efficiency and peace of mind. We work on your dental lab work so that you can focus on your work, your patients.

We value your time so we made a very short 1-minute video to explain how LabPronto will help you, your practice and your patients.

See how easy it is to get started with LabPronto and receive a coupon code for $10 off your first order.


Questions? Get Help Fast?


Video Text.

Increase your bottom line, and maximize the efficiency of your time, by having your planning done and your lab work ordered with the click of a button.

LabPronto is the better way of ordering dental lab work. LabPronto offers, great products, great service, at reasonable prices. LabPronto includes expedited turn around, by forwarding your order to A Top Tier Lab, in the exclusive LabPronto network that is ready and available. to fulfill your order. The simple order form streamlines the ordering process, and the built in tracking system sends you notifications when your order is being processed, when a digital plan is waiting for approval, and when your package has been shipped. The shipment tracking link lets you track your package delivery, while the built-in cloud storage system saves and stores your digital plans, making them easily accessible from anywhere.

Go to to place your order, or order directly from with the Blue Sky Plan software. Enter LabProntoRocks when you place your first order to redeem a $10 coupon. Start placing your dental lab orders with 'click' with

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