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New Blue Sky Plan 4.5 Release

New Blue Sky Plan 4.5 Release

New Features Include:

Hollow Model Functionality
  • Reduce print time and material used when printing models.

Indirect Bonding Tray
  • Create an Indirect Bonding Tray for accurate bracket placement.

Articulation Pins
  • Preserve the on screen relationship between the models when printing, by adding articulation pins to the printed models.

Fully Automatic STL Model to CT Merge
  • Don't mark any points on any teeth! Just click import and watch the magic.

Improved and Simplified Denture Fabrication Process Flow
  • 4 Simple steps and you have a denture! Want a coping reduction guide? Ya, that there to.

Full Color Face Scan Import (beta)
  • Import a full color 3D patient model. Remove the mouth to display future planned restoration.

Automatic Resolution of Software Guide Tube Spacing Issues
  • Software will update the guide tube setting and relevant drilling report.

Full Carestream Integration Bridge
  • Import the CT scan and implant placement from Carestream software with a click. ​


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