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Meet LabPronto - The Dental Uber® (one pager for print)


Want a ride? Use Uber®

Want a Dental Digital Workup? Use LabPronto


What is LabPronto?

LabPronto is the Uber® of Dentistry. LabPronto is your magic powerhouse button to get your lab work done with a click. LabPronto is having a network of top tier labs at your beck and call just waiting to complete your order.

How does LabPronto work?

LabPronto offers a variety of digital and physical lab products that can be ordered with click.

What can I order via LabPronto?

LabPronto is currently offering:

  • Orthodontic services including orthodontic plans, model printing and aligner fabrication​

  • Surgical Guide services including treatment planning and surgical guide fabrication.​

  • Denture design and Fabrication - Coming Soon

  • Crown and Bridge - Coming Soon ​

  • Radiology Reports - Coming Soon

Additional LabPronto services will be added in the near future.

How can I place an order?

LabPronto orders can be placed via or by pressing the LabPronto button in the top left corner in the Blue Sky Plan software.

Where Can I Learn More?

The Blue Sky Bio Facebook User Group is the best place to ask questions and to stay up to date with the latest Blue Sky Bio innovations. Details regarding LabPronto can be seen at

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