Blue Sky Plan’s Frequently Asked Questions

Blue Sky Plan makes planning your surgical guide cases easier than ever before. Whether you are a first time user or a veteran planner, we know everyone has some questions sometimes.

Blue Sky Plan’s Frequently Asked Questions page is there to lend a hand. The FAQ page shows relevant videos or images to resolve questions quickly and easily.



Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I restore the 2D Projection Lines and Screen Layout?


Restoring Lines and Views in BSP screen


How Can I Create A Pilot Hole Surgical Guide in Blue Sky Plan?


How to make a Pilot Guide



How can I improve the image quality in Blue Sky Plan?​


My implant seems to be stuck. How do I move It?


How can I separate the jaws in the CT scan be to able to toggle each one on and off separately?


How can I remove a tooth from a model?


Why Can't I See the Patient Scan in the 3D View?




 Questions? Get Help Fast?Questions? Get Help Fast?




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