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Guided Surgery: Basics & Beyond

Huntsville, AL | December 3-4, 2021 | Dr. Cory Glenn, Dr. Ben Kellum

Main learning objectives:

Learn the basics of the Blue Sky Plan software
Understand the principles of 3d printing
Explore the differences and pros/cons of DLP printing vs SLA printing
Learn to generate simple surgical guides
Create Soft tissue supported full arch guides
Learn to make single tooth restorations that could be printed or milled
Explore digital waxups
Learn to process printed objects for use
Explore the differences between intraoral scanners and desktop scanners and use them
Develop a data management system for digital files
Learn the treatment planning principles for dental implants
Medical evaluation of implant patients and the biology of implant success.
What to look for in Implant design and selection.
Understand the different file types for guided surgery, how to acquire, and manage.
Learn to design your own guided surgery cases from single tooth to full arches for any brand of implants and any guided kit.
Learn the treatment planning requirements for predictable surgical and prosthetic success.
Understand the different types of guided kits available and what their pros and cons.
Learn the ideal surgical approaches used for different types of guided surgery to give consistently good results.
Learn how to export and 3D print your own surgical guides or how to outsource to affordable services
Hands-on computer exercises working through real cases of various levels of complexity. Execute the entire process from beginning to end.
Learn how to manage cases with high scatter.
Learn to spot potential problems before they happen.
How to design provisional and final prosthetics such as screw retained crowns.
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Intro to Digital Dentistry

Gilbert, Arizona | January 29, 2022 | Dr. Matthew Ross

Digital Dentistry 1 is an an advanced course in digital dentistry. You will learn how to design smiles to wow your patients.


Guided Implant Dentistry

Gilbert, Arizona | April 23, 2022 | Dr. Matthew Ross

Digital Dentistry 2 is an an advanced course in digital dentistry. You will learn how to design smiles to wow your patients.



Digital Dentistry 2.0 Smile Design Hands On

Westfield, NJ | February 26, 2021 | Dr. Paul Zhivago

Attendees of this Digital Dentistry 2.0 course will:

- Learn how to use digital tools to aid in treatment planning and guided surgery

- Explore possibilities for digital treatment planning using ZBrush and Sprint Ray

- Work with a scanner, a 3D Digital Printing machine, and its' software

- Learn digital workflows concerning restorative and esthetic dentistry, temporaries and implant temporaries, esthetic reduction guides, 3D printed hard and soft appliances

Online Course

Step-by-Step 3D Printing Your Own In-Office Clear Aligners

Online Course | On Demand | Dr. Melissa Shotell

This innovative and exciting covers diagnosis and treatment planning, how to get started with clear aligner laboratories, the differences in technology, step-by-step clinical procedures from taking records to delivering aligners and monitoring your patients until case completion. This course includes the “Fast Track Clear Aligners” entire curriculum including: the basics to getting you started with clear aligner treatment using traditional and digital methods for recording taking, step-by-step clinical and laboratory workflows, insurance/billing and growing your clear aligner practice through innovative marketing strategies. In addition, this online course features in-office 3D printing in-office (DIY) clear aligners. Create your own branded in-house clear aligners by designing and 3D printing your aligner cases. We teach you the secrets, step-by-step on how to set-up your cases (or outsource setup!) and then 3D print models for aligners, vacuum forming aligners, and then finishing and delivering them to the patient!

The clear aligner course is eligible for up to 33 hours of continuing education credits.

Online Course

All On X Full Arch Guide Course

Online Course | On Demand | Implant Educators

Design guides and temporaries for immediate load all On X cases!

Learn how to design and print surgical guides and temporary hybrids for All on X immediate load cases. Gain the knowledge to plan cases from the prosthetics perspective and simplify restorative procedures. Design, print and deliver using free software and low cost 3D printers. Participants must have previous experience with BlueSky plan software.


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