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Digital Dentistry: Guided Surgery and Clear Aligners

KC, MO(In-Person or Virtual) | March 5-6, 2021 | Dr. Baron Grutter

We will be covering both Guided Surgery and Digital Orthodontics. Attendees will have the tools and strategies to implement both protocols the day they return to their practices. We will show you how to design surgical guides in just minutes and help you to delegate as much as possible. We will also help you to identify ideal Clear Aligner orthodontic cases and begin treating them immediately with predictable results.

This course will not be for the faint of heart. We will be working hard and not holding back. There will be homework assigned prior to the course to get everyone up to speed on basic functionality. We want to be sure that your time is used as effectively as possible. This will essentially be 2 separate 2day courses packed into 1day each. Attendees can choose to come register for one or both days, depending on their practice/learning needs.

Online Course

In Office Restorative, Surgical Guides, & Orthodontic Aligners 3D Printing

Online Course | March 5-7, 2021 | Dr. Reinol A. Gonzalez, Dr. Kurt Bally, Dr. Rick Ferguson

Learn how to incorporate 3D printing, the fastest growing trend in dentistry today into your dental office for under $1500 with the use of Free Digital Softwares. You and your team can introduce this technology into your office predictably and cost effectively to 3D Print Models, Temporaries, Custom Trays, Surgical Guides, Clear Orthodontic Aligners and more.

Come join us for a weekend long event that will change the trajectory of your dental practice towards the Digital Age.

Online Course

Ultimate Course in Digital Dentistry 2.1

Online Course | March 26, 2021 English Version | Christian Brenes, Wally Renne, Anthony Mennito, Zach Evans, Andres E. Ponce, Sebastian Cifuentes, Pablo Wilson

Full digital workflow for dentists and technicians. Lectures and demos by world renowned experts using BlueSkyPlan as a teaching software.

Module 1 : Intraoral And Lab Scanning. Chairside CadCam
Module 2 : Digital Photography, Video And Editing
Module 3 : 3d Smile Design, Digital Wax-ups And 3d Printing
Module 4 : Guided Surgery. Dentate And Edentulous Patients
Module 5 : Digital Dentures

Online Course

Mastering BlueSkyPlan 4.8

Online Course | April 9-10, 2021 | Dr. Raymond Rophie

Create 3D printable models.
Create predictable digital wax-up in minutes.
Surgical guides for any implant systems.
Learn to outsource efficiently, at a very low cost.
Practice a fully guided surgery on your own 3D printed model.

Learn Blueskybio implant systems and how to create the Crown Down Surgical guide workflow (Temporary, custom healing abutment, surgical guide, model).
How to outsource your work the most cost efficient way and shorten the learning curve.
Receive a Course in a Box!!!! The New Normal way of getting the maximum learning experience virtually.

Digital Implant Dentistry -
Mastering the Basics

Cerritos, CA | May 22, 2021 | Dr. Michael S. Capio

Make your own surgical guide!

* Participants will learn how to take and modify Digital Impressions for both Pre-Surgical and Restorative Treatment Phases.

* Guided Implant Surgery - Learn how and what you need to plan guided surgeries In-House.

* Participants will treatment plan single, multiple unit and edentulous surgical guide design using Blue Sky Plan Software.

* Advantages and techniques to DIY or outsource 3D Printing of surgical guides will be covered.

LIVE Course

Multi-level Learning in Implant Digital Workflow and Practical Considerations

Live Webinar | July 26-28, 2021 | Dr. Gustavo Mendonça, Dr. Hsun-Liang (Albert) Chan

The course objectives are to familiarize participants with:

Digital workflow in implant treatment planning
Ideal implant positioning and indications for hard/soft tissue grafting
Digital wax-up
Working with 3D files (.STL) for planning advanced techniques to restore implants
Digital design and 3d printing of models, surgical guides and interim restorations
Utilization of CAD/CAM (3d software), scanners and 3d printers for fabrication of interim restorations and surgical guides
Surgical considerations with the computer-generated guides

Online Course

Step-by-Step 3D Printing Your Own In-Office Clear Aligners

Online Course | On Demand | Dr. Melissa Shotell

This innovative and exciting covers diagnosis and treatment planning, how to get started with clear aligner laboratories, the differences in technology, step-by-step clinical procedures from taking records to delivering aligners and monitoring your patients until case completion. This course includes the “Fast Track Clear Aligners” entire curriculum including: the basics to getting you started with clear aligner treatment using traditional and digital methods for recording taking, step-by-step clinical and laboratory workflows, insurance/billing and growing your clear aligner practice through innovative marketing strategies. In addition, this online course features in-office 3D printing in-office (DIY) clear aligners. Create your own branded in-house clear aligners by designing and 3D printing your aligner cases. We teach you the secrets, step-by-step on how to set-up your cases (or outsource setup!) and then 3D print models for aligners, vacuum forming aligners, and then finishing and delivering them to the patient!

The clear aligner course is eligible for up to 33 hours of continuing education credits.

Online Course

All On X Full Arch Guide Course

Online Course | On Demand | Implant Educators

Design guides and temporaries for immediate load all On X cases!

Learn how to design and print surgical guides and temporary hybrids for All on X immediate load cases. Gain the knowledge to plan cases from the prosthetics perspective and simplify restorative procedures. Design, print and deliver using free software and low cost 3D printers. Participants must have previous experience with BlueSky plan software.


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