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Learn how to incorporate 3D printing, the fastest growing trend in dentistry today into your dental office for under $1500 with the use of Free Digital Softwares. You and your team can introduce this technology into your office predictably and cost effectively to 3D Print Models, Temporaries, Custom Trays, Surgical Guides, Clear Orthodontic Aligners and more. Come join us for a weekend long event that will change the trajectory of your dental practice towards the Digital Age.

Davie, FL | April 24-26, 2020 | Dr. Kurt Bally, Dr. Rick Ferguson, Dr. Reinol Gonzalez

In Office Restorative, Surgical Guides, & Orthodontic Aligners 3D Printing

Course Objectives: Moving from Analog to Digital in Dentistry (The Digital Workflow, easy scanning technique, implement digital dentistry in your daily routine, IDEAL PC, Scanner, CBCT, Software, 3D printers, Milling machines, CAD/CAM restorative workflows, etc.) Edit & Create: Digital Models, Wax-up, Mock-up, Night guards. File Import, export and manipulation to get working models the easiest way. Digital extractions, wax-ups for single teeth, multiple teeth and full arches. How to use your CBCT to obtain working models for surgical planning. ABC steps for predictable data acquisition (surgical guides accuracy). Introduction to Surgical Guide and 3D Printing using Blue Sky Plan.

Miami Florida | May 7-8, 2020 | Dr. Raymond Rophie

ABC’s of Digital Planning and 3D Printing

Two days of Guided Surgery and digital Rehabilitation, theory and practical, a usefull and powerfull tool for your everyday practice.

Fort Laudardale. Florida | May 8-9, 2020 | Jorge Troncoso (Prosthodontist - Implantologist), Pablo Matamala (Implantologist), Andrés E. Ponce (Prosthodontist)

Make Solid Miami 2020

At our 2-day residency program, you will learn the hands-on skills and the pertinent information to capitalize upon new orthodontic procedures in your practice. Our teachers will use their incredible expertise to leave you feeling confident and skillful at growing your practice, earning more from your patients, and increasing patient comfort.

Phoenix Arizona | May 8-9, 2020 | Dr. Amanda Wilson, Dr. Rishi Popat

Mini Orthodontic Residency

Both Clear Aligners and Indirect Bonding Trays offer us the opportunity to not only provide our patients with highly sought after care, but also improved occlusion and overall oral health. Digital Dentistry specifically helps us to plan more efficiency and improve results. This course will show the attendee how to quickly integrate Digital Orthodontics into his/her office or laboratory. We will discuss patient evaluation, case planning, 3D printing, and treatment delivery. We’ll even discuss how to outsource any aspect of this process that the attendee wishes. In the end, we’ll discuss how to deliver treatment that patient WANT, while delivering better results, saving SIGNIFICANT overhead, and doing all this as efficiently as possible.

Gladstone, MO | May 15-16, 2020 | Dr. Baron Grutter

Digital Orthodontics - Kansas City

Providing orthodontics is about more than just give our patients great smiles. Orthodontic treatment can often times be used alone, or in tandem with other treatment modalities as part of a larger treatment plan. Orthodontics can serve our patients as an alternative to surgical or more invasive procedures. Ortho can also assist us in improving tooth position that will in turn give us better restorative outcomes. Unfortunately most dentists do not receive applicable orthodontic training in dental school. This course aims to remedy that. This course is meant to be a launching pad for dentists looking to bring orthodontic solutions into their service mix. It is also meant to introduce the power of digital dentistry and show how providers can leverage this technology for treatment using EITHER brackets or aligners. Not only does this lead to significant cost savings, but can lead to both great efficiency and improve clinical outcomes.

Raleigh, NC | June 12-13, 2020 | Dr. Matthew Standridge

Ortho Foundations: Digital Systems for both Brackets and Aligners

La odontología moderna nos brinda la posibilidad de desarrollar todas nuestras habilidades expresándonos en un ambiente seguro y preciso, como lo es la planificación digital en implantología, llevándonos de la mano mediante el dominio de la edición de modelos STL hasta la materialización de nuestros desarrollos en una impresora 3D.

Pembroke Pines, Florida | 11-12 de junio de 2020 | Dr. Carlos Petit, Dr. Ronar Gudiño

Protocolo Digital Reverso


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