New Video By Dr Baron Grutter: Clear Aligner Model Processing. Watch Now!

Clear Aligner Model Processing In this 4min video, Dr. Baron Grutters explains all the 'complexity' that there is to processing Resin Printed Clear Aligner models. The actual labor involved is a roughly a combined 60 seconds for the entire batch. This video demonstrates how truly simple it is. All items used in this video can be found here: Want to Learn More? Register for Dr Baron Grutter's Live Courses Below For more videos and Live Hands-On courses, visit: Questions? Get Help Fast?

BlueSkyBio Video | Standard Temporary Abutments In Action

Standard Temporary Abutments WATCH VIDEO: Creating an Immediate Screw Retained Temporary Using the Tall Titanium Cylinders The tall titanium cylinder is ideal for creating temporary screw retained restorations on implants and comes in both engaging and non-engaging connections.

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Follow On Our New Social Channels Receive the Latest Updates, Discounts and Clinical Featured Cases by Following LabPronto LabPronto is growing and developing quickly. We are constantly rolling out new features, additional services, better service and expanding to new locations. Stay up to date with best features and functionality by following LabPronto on your social channels. Follow LabPronto to receive clinical case reviews as well as money-saving tips and tricks to maximize your efficiency, improve turn-around time and lower your dental lab costs. Learn how you can advance your practice with LabPronto: Maximize your efficiency with these services: Questions? Comments?

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