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Become a Blue Sky Plan Certified Lab

How do I Become A Certified Lab?

What is Blue Sky Plan?

Blue Sky Plan is a full featured Treatment Planning software.


Blue Sky Plan can be used to fabricate

  • Surgical Guides 

  • Aligners and Indirect Bonding Trays

  • Dentures

  • Cephalemtric Analysis

Stay Tuned as more is on the way...


Parts can be exported directly from Blue Sky Plan as an STL file for 3D printing. 


The software is distributed free of charge and can be installed on as many computers as you like. There are no purchase fees, annual fees or upgrade fees. The only cost involved is a low per case to export the designed component to an STL file. Per case costs for surgical guides and dentures start at $12.50 per jaw. Ortho models / aligners as well as cephalemtric report export fees start at $6.25 per jaw. Full export cost details can be seen here.

Blue Sky Plan is also a great educational tool for training courses and educational events.

What is a Blue Sky Plan Certified Lab?

Blue Sky Plan provides users with a list of certified labs. Users can turn to the lab for assistance with training, Treatment Planning and Surgical Guide fabrication. The lab is able to establish pricing relevant for their user base and offer Treatment Planning and Surgical Guide Fabrication services. 


A certified lab will be listed on the Blue Sky Bio / Blue Sky Plan website and will be listed in the Blue Sky Plan software. User will be able to send Blue Sky Plan cases and / or designed Surgical Guides directly from within the software will a single click. 

View a list of our current certified labs. 

Think you are really awesome? Ask us about becoming a lab!


How Do I Become A Certified Lab?

To become a certified lab 

1) Review and agree to the below requirements

2) Complete and submit the below form 

3) Purchase export credits (as explained below) via the Blue Sky Plan software or website. 



  • Being fully proficient in the Blue Sky Plan software

  • A commitment to providing your customers with quality products and services. 

  • Submitting contact details of three dentists that have used your lab and are VERY happy with the products and services. 

  • An initial order of 50 Exports to show a long term intent of being a certified lab and partner. 

How Do I Purchase Exports?

Export packages can be purchased directly from inside the Blue Sky Plan software by going to the File menu and choosing "Purchase STL Exports".  


Once exports have been purchased your lab will be able to control 100% of the design and fabrication process in house.

Exports costs between $12.50 to $23 per case depending on the quantity of exports purchased at a given time. The large the quantity of exports purchased, the lower the per case fee. Here is a full price list of exports. Exporting from the orthodontics module and the cephalemtric module uses only half an export credit. 


The exports are on a per case level. Multiple exports can be done from the same case and no additional export credits will be charged. 

How should I start marketing my  Blue Sky Plan products and services?

Here are a few suggestions that we have that you may find helpful:

  • Start by introducing some of your loyal customers to Blue Sky Plan. 

  • Offer these customers product at a reduced rate so both your lab and the customer can get more familiar with Blue Sky Plan.

  • Start with simple straightforward cases. Don't suggest to your users to do a complicated all-on-4 case for their first case. Both your lab and the user should start with simpler cases and then graduate from there.

  • Ask the dentist if he/she can document / photograph these cases. 

  • Use these dentists and cases as the launch pad to promote your new services. Promote the cases, the success that came as a result and all the advantages of the system. 

  • Now offer an introductory offer to your entire user base, and to other dentists in your area to grow your business. 

  • Educational events, courses, lunch and learn is a great way to promote your products and attract new business!

Can Blue Sky Bio Help Promote My Services?

Yes! Once you are a certified lab Blue Sky Bio can help promote your services in several ways

  • Notifying Blue Sky Plan users via email newsletters that they can turn to you for computer guided products and services.

  • Listing your lab on a local (based on determining the user's location) homepage that can appear in your local language. 

  • Scheduling an educational webinar session where your lab or an opinion leader associated with your lab can present on a topic connected to implant placement or guided surgery. 

  • Promoting any upcoming educational events or courses your lab may be offering. Blue Sky Bio can also include promotional product packages to your attendees offering them free product or significant discounts. 

  • Additional ideas? Email us and let us know.....


How Can I Receive Training?

Start by taking a looking at our Self Training Modules and Video Tutorials. If you would like additional training to scheduled training.


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