Virtual Teeth

Naming of virtual teeth STLs in sets:

The STL files should be named with number codes using the Universal dental numbering system.

dental numbering system

Leftmost tooth in this case means the rightmost patient's tooth.

Orientation of virtual teeth STLs:

  • For each tooth there should be two STL files.

  • They do not need to be related to each other or to the other coordinate system:

  • Default implant coordinate system - the first time the tooth is included it should be the standard coordinate system for the virtual teeth which defines position of the tooth against an implant.

  • Teeth in occlusion - the second time the tooth should be part of the denture / teeth set / occlusion set up but does not need to be at all related to the standard BSP virtual tooth setup.

Standard virtual teeth STL files (implant coordinate system):

  • In case of virtual teeth, the X- and Y- axes are important as well being able to differentiate between the bucal and the lingual side correctly:

    • +X axis points in the distal direction / -X axis points in the mesial direction

    • +Y axis buccal / -Y axis lingual

  • Upper jaw

    • -Z axis points to the occlusal edge

    • +Z axis gingival (apical)

  • Lower jaw

    • +Z axis points to the occlusal edge (coronal or incisal direction)

    • -Z axis gingival (apical)


Here is example of a maxillar tooth:

Here is example of a mandibular tooth:

The Z axis should come straight through the central groove of a posterior tooth and just slightly lingual to the incisal edge of an anterior tooth. As this would most accurately represent the desired placement.

Virtual teeth in occlusion for Denture and CAD modules:

To correctly define positions of teeth in occlusion for Denture and CAD modules, we need a second STL file for every tooth. These STL files define mutual positions of teeth by using the below coordinate system. So when all the teeth STLs are imported into a 3D modelling software you get the teeth in occlusion.

The XY plane is the axial plane and +Z axis points towards the upper jaw.

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