To Add Brackets To Blue Sky Plan

Digital bracket files are protected in BlueSkyPlan

The BlueSkyPlan software protects your digital bracket files.

  • The software does not enable the export of the digital bracket files from the software. 

  • The digital bracket files will only be used for the design of dental parts such as Indirect Bonding Tray. 

  • The digital bracket files will not be shared or transferred to a user or to a third party dental company. 

0,0,0 should be in a center of space through which the wire will leed and as a center of imaginary square

Description of brackets alignment:

Bracket should also be aligned from top view. It should be rotated correctly so the straight edges of the bracket are parallel.

Finally the model should be manifold.

A similar convention for the coordinate system as we have for the virtual teeth is used:

  • +X axis points in the distal direction / -X axis points in the mesial direction

  • +Y axis buccal / -Y axis lingual

There are two separate sets of brackets for the lower and upper arch while orientation of the Z axis changes between the sets:​​

  • Upper arch brackets:

    • -Z axis points to the occlusal edge (see the figure below)​

    • +Z axis gingival (apical)

  • Lower arch brackets:​

    • +Z axis points to the occlusal edge (coronal or incisal direction)​

    • -Z axis gingival (apical)


Send the excel file and properly oriented bracket STL files to

Download and complete the below excel file:

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